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Camping-Dusche reiseregen

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Our patented outdoor shower now redesigned and even more durable!

  • Camping shower & waterproof pack sack
  • comfortable & clever showering
  • durable & hygienic

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Reiseregen® our comfortable outdoor shower and durable shoulder bag

reiseregen was developed by us with functionality and comfort in mind and is the first really well designed outdoor shower. Thanks to the large opening, reiseregen can be filled with water in an instant and offers a wonderfully refreshing shower fun for 2-3 people. Due to the black color of the material, the shower water - hanging in the sun - can warm up. The shower hose is bend-proof and the shower head has two functions (continuous flow and the start-stop flow) - This way you have a high shower comfort! After showering reiseregen can be cleaned very easilyso that no bacteria and fungi can form.


Our PLUS-Model has in addition an outside-pocket for shampoo, soap or toothpaste as well as holding straps for your toothbrush or razor. In addition, the Volume higher by 50% than the BASIC-Model, which means you can shower even more extensively...


Besides, you can use reiseregen not only as a shoulder bag or outdoor shower, but also as a mobile washing machine (put laundry in reiseregen, fill up with water and knead properly), as pillow or as a rinsing spray for dishes... In the design of reiseregen, care was taken to ensure a real improvement over ordinary camping showers .

Smart and functional:

  • TWO in ONE: camping shower & waterproof pack sack with many more functions: mobile washing machine + outdoor wash bag + rinsing camping dishes.
  • STRONG SHOWER JET: Comfortable showering on the go: filled in a flash, easy to handle, well showered
  • HYGIENIC: reiseregen is easy to keep clean - even from the inside - and dries quickly
  • DURABLE: reiseregen protects your luggage and helps to store, transport and protect all your treasures from rain and dirt-made of durable fabric sheeting


Fabric film (TPU) and nylon

Scope of delivery:

  • Original reiseregen® shoulder bag
  • bend resistant shower hose
  • shower head with two shower functions
  • closure cap with holder

Additional information


Basic, Plus


Fabric film made of TPU (recyclable), black matte

Scope of delivery

reiseregen shoulder bag, bend resistant shower hose, shower head with two shower functions, closure cap